Knowledge Sharing Session on Rough Sets and Fuzzy Sets

The Department of Computer Engineering, Don Bosco College of Engineering-Fatorda-Goa, organized its monthly Knowledge Sharing Session, under the R&D cell on March 6, 2021. The Knowledge Sharing Session initiative involves activities whose main motive is to update Faculty members with the latest trends in Technology and Research and to learn something beyond academics.

The session was taken up by Prof. Amrita Naik on “Rough Sets” and Prof. Janhavi Naik on “Fuzzy Sets” through the Google Meet platform.

Prof. Amrita Naik started the session by introducing the concept of Rough Sets in feature reduction. She then explained the terminologies such as indiscernibility, upper and lower approximation. She also explained each concept with the help of examples. She demonstrated the concepts like reducts and core which are helpful in reducing the dimensionality of features. She also explained the application of Rough sets in Data Mining and Research.

Prof. Janhavi Naik later explained about fuzzy sets. She gave an introduction to fuzzy sets and its applications. She also spoke about the comparison on Fuzzy sets and crisps sets. Different examples were given to make the topic easy to understand and compare different sets. The membership functions and characteristics were explained.

The event was coordinated by Dr. Vivek Jog. The session was indeed an interesting one and was enjoyed by all faculty members and received good feedback from the audience.