Goa’s Liberation

QUICK BITE – The speech is the winning entry for the speech writing competition that was organised by the Literary Committee to mark the occasion of Liberation Day.

Greetings to one and all, on this solemn occasion of our Liberation, I extend a hearty wish to all my statesmen.

This day is special, because on this day, 59 years ago, Goa broke free from the shackles of the Portuguese rule and on 30th May, 1987, it became an independent state in our Motherland. 19th December marks the day, that with the prolonged struggles of our freedom fighters, the final vestige of colonial rule came to an end. Every Goan heart today is filled with reverence and inspiration because of the glorious, however bloodshed tribute of our jawans.

Goa is known for its beauty, it’s sceneries, and its tourism. That’s why the state, though the smallest in the country, is the most loved and most beautiful tourist attraction. But it only came to be this wonderful Haven today, because of the sacrifices made by our soldiers 59 years ago. You may have heard it said, “Only the dead have seen the end of war;” yes they did, and its because they saw the darkest nights in the deadliest fights, that we get to see each brighter day.

There’s a lot more, Goa is very well literate too; with the state literacy rate being 88.7, Goa will set up the Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research, as well as the Indian Institute of Management by 2035. This will make it a leading hub in education, all over the country.

So, what is freedom in Goan context? In simple words, what is freedom according to us, Goans? We believe that freedom is a right entitled to everyone, and is accompanied by hope and enthusiasm. Before 1961, with the Portuguese ruling in the state, people couldn’t be free and live for themselves. Things began to change when our freedom fighters began to take a stand, one day at a time, against all of them, until finally their dream of liberating Goa became a reality. That persistence flows in every Goan’s blood to this very day. We don’t let ourselves and others be dictated by higher parties that wish to do as they please, without regard to our voices.

In 2019, we celebrated the 151st birthday of Mahatma Gandhi – the fatherly masterpiece of our nation. To commemorate it, a lot of events were held across the state. From dances to plays to entire concerts. The Indian tricolor also unfurled at the highest mast on that special day. And yes, just as Mahatma Gandhi preached love and peace, elements of him can be seen in many Goans today. Just as he used non violence to fight one of the biggest battles of the country, we learnt that the harshest wars can be won without a single weapon, and the toughest freedoms can be achieved without an ounce of hatred.

Goa grows and glows day by day. However, we will always and forever remember the soldiers and true warriors who laid down their lives nearly six decades ago, so that we can live in this state today. As we study about them, we learn about courage and strength, confidence and trust, and power and love. The biggest and most important lesson that they taught us is that if you truly love something, you can go to any extent to achieve it, and one day you will. That proved the infinite amount of love that had for Goa. May our state continue to grow and develop stronger and healthier for the generations to come. Jai Hind, Jai Goa!