Glimpse of Annual Conference & General Body Meeting 2021 Siloam, Barapani, 12-13 November 2021Meghalaya

1.  Programmes by DBHEI Network

DBHEI’s action plan for 2021-2022 focused towards three core areas. Such as Strengthen The Identity Of Salesian Higher Education Mission, Strengthen DBHEI Network and Formation Of New Directors, Principals And Vice Principals And Other Office-Bearers.

DBHEI’s executive body met regularly and took up different action items to support the salesian higher education mission. The annual plan for 2021-2022 insisted provinces to have exclusive higher education directory. Provinces were encouraged and Higher Education Directory of Chennai province (INM) was set as a point of reference for other provinces. Focusing the same objective, various FDPs, short term, long term and online courses are being conducted at DBHEIs.

An exclusive FDP on research paper writing was conducted in October 2021. In this event, 400+ faculty across DBHEIs in India participated and benefited. The process of revamping the course on Cooperative Learning and Education Technology the Salesian Way has been initiated during 2020-2021. The course is now being implemented as pilot study in the Don Bosco College (Co-Ed), Yelagiri Hills with 15+ faculty members.

Strengthen DBHEI Network objective given importance through Input Sessions on NEP 2020 & Higher Education Reforms, encouraging IDPs in DBHEIs. Prof David Syiemlieh, Former Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh, Former Chairman:UPSC, took a session on “Implementation of NEP 2020: Dynamics and  Our Response” for principals, HEIs incharges during the Annual conference at Shillong.

Collaboration with the Job Placement Network of SPCSA was realized during the 2021-2022 tenure. Don Bosco Keela Eral, Don Bosco Hydrabad, Don Bosco College Itanagar and Don Bosco College (Co-Ed) – Yelagiri Hills were the institutions that initiated the TCS powered Youth Employment Program and got positive results. To support women students across DBHEIs in India, DBHEI and DB-Tech initiated placement drives exclusively for women students through accenture EWS placement drive. Assam Don Bosco University, Don Bosco Golaghat, Don Bosco Narasipattinam, Don Bosco Yerwada, St Antony’s College Shillong, and Sacred Heart College Tirupattur, Don Bosco College (Co-Ed) Yelagiri Hills, Don Bosco Itanagar got benefited through this initiative.

Support Desk for DBHEIs established and various communications were carried out on a daily basis. Annual Conference & General Body Meeting 2021 Don Bosco Higher Education India Network (DBHEI) was successfully held in Siloam, Barapani, Meghalaya between November 12&13th 2021. In this annual gathering a 35 member group consisting of rectors, principals, campus ministers, and lay delegates from different provinces participated. The theme adopted for the conference was SALESIAN IDENTITY AND NETWORKING STRATEGIES. In this conference,

  • Status and Challenges of DBHEIs
  • Assessment of the Application of the Policies IUS 2016-2021- General Results South Asia
  • Policies for the Salesian Presence in Higher Education 2022-2026
  • Youth Ministry (Campus Ministry) in DB Higher Education Institutions Sharing of Best Practices and Evaluation

were discussed, analyzed, evaluated and necessary action plans were taken. The Conference proceedings consisted of Salesian HEIs details in India, were published.

Strategic collaboration between IUS & DBHEI been initiated. With the support of the IUS webportal team, Ecuador HEIs details were updated in the IUS website. Webmaster training program which was planned yet to be realized, due to the time constraints and technical snag. The DBHEI’s webportal updated and renewed to handle all the DBHEI documentation as well as subscription collection.

Fr Barnabe Governing body member took an initiative to provide free cambridge course for HEIs in India. Exclusive meeting was held with the Cambridge team during the month of July and the first phase of  the courses will be offered to HEIs in the Province of Bombay.

2. Effectiveness of DBHEI Network work – an analysis

Compared to the previous years, DBHEI showed its progress in the year 2021-2022. In terms of activities and collaboration, the network showed positive growth. In the upcoming year DBHEI network will focus on communication and collaborative works.

3. Innovative initiatives undertaken in 2021-2022

3 Major DBHEI awards were implemented during 2021-2022. Due to the pandemic Best Don Bosco Youth Parliament has not been implemented – the other two awards realized. Through the Best Entrepreneurial Innovation event, 35 unique Student ideas were mobilised. 15 faculty members shared their innovative practices in Teaching-Learning- Evaluation for the academic year.

During the November 2021 General Body Meeting to benchmark the DBHEIs towards quality, five new awards were introduced.

A. Frequent News Items (FIN)
B. Youtube Video Clippings (YOU)
C. Active DBHEI Website (WEB)
D. Best Institution Practices (BIP)
E. Best Institution Development Plan (IDP)

4. Future plan for 2022-2023

The DBHEI annual plan 2022-2023  based upon the IUS common program 2022-2026. The plan is focused on 3 major objectives.

Objective 1: Promote the application of the Policy 2022-2026.

Objective 2: Consolidate the application of the ” Orientations for Campus Ministry in the IUS”, emphasizing the vocational dimension, in such a way as to ensure the educational evangelizing processes in the different contexts of Salesian higher education.

Objective 3: Strengthen the option for the poorest young people in the context of Salesian higher education.

Various Strategic responses were created in view of achieving the objectives of the DBHEI annual plan.