Content Creation & Career opportunity

The Department of Business Administration of Don Bosco College (Co-Ed), Yelagiri Conducted the program on : Content Creation & Career opportunity.

Content writing is creating content to communicate a message or facts or ideas to the targeted audience through posts, blogs, articles & videos. The chief guest for the session was Ms. Jayasri Sridhar who is a budding YouTuber and Recruiter at Emudhra. Ms. Jayasri spoke of the qualities of the content writer. The session gave importance to content writing in view of development business and brand. Ms. Jayasri Sridhar explained the benefits of being a content writer with her past experience.

Skills for content creators such as communication skills, editing skills, and knowledge about social media were introduced to students and practical examples were given.

The students provided positive feedback and it was more of a practical and interactive session. The chief guest assured the support and career guidance for students. Special gift vouchers were given to students from the chief guest as a token of appreciation.

Watch the recorded session: